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Hello and welcome to the Movers–n-Shakers blog posts for 2019

Wehope you all enjoyed the first two years blog postings by Adrian Kidd where he shared his experiences with Movers and Shakers.

So welcome to another year where we will be using these pages for not only a monthy update (blog) but to show any video material we generate during this year

Nearly the end of January all ready and the January blog page for 2019 is dedicated to Adrians final summing up of:- 

The Cut Actress

Z-celebrity actress Silver Seddoh has been murdered at 4.03pm on the 1st February 2018. Her body found in her caravan parked on Connaught Hall car park.

  • -If you think you know the murder, then read on to see if you are right?

  • - It wasn't Horace Todd as he was asleep with sleeping tablets in his system.


  • - It wasn't Lyla Cole as she was taking photographs at the time of the murder

  • -It wasn't Janetta Race or Paul Barrell as the two were photographed going in to the Francis Room before the time of murder.

  • -It wasn't Ben Pen because he loved Silver and police found his script ordered neatly which is what he said he was doing at the time of murder. He dropped his pen knife when he and Silver had a moment before the murder happened.

  •  -So, the murderer was Sharon Schwimmer/Sharp. She had jealous feelings towards Silver - then Sylvia Todd - stemming back from high school. Sharon used the back door of the caravan and killed Silver using her gardening secateurs.

  • Case closed!

    Did you guess the murderer?